Zoe Lanham

Vice President, The Addison

As the Vice President of the Addison, an ardent philanthropist, and a devoted family leader, Zoe Lanham’s dedication to the community is vast, personal, and heartfelt. With eighteen years at the helm of Boca Raton’s historic landmark, the Addison, Zoe’s leadership has been marked by unwavering commitment and genuine passion. In addition to her role at the Addison, Zoe manages various international portfolio companies, leveraging her extensive experience in the event industry to support numerous nonprofit organizations within our community.

In the realm of philanthropy and familial stewardship, Zoe Lanham shines as a beacon of resilience and altruism. In 2020, faced with a daunting diagnosis of breast cancer, Zoe chose not to yield to fear. Instead, she transformed her journey into a beacon of hope, advocating for cancer research alongside the American Cancer Society and Baptist Health Foundation. Zoe’s tireless advocacy and fundraising efforts have provided critical support to individuals and families affected by cancer.

Beyond her personal battle, Zoe’s altruistic spirit extends through her involvement in multiple nonprofit organizations like the George Snow Scholarship Foundation, Tri-County Animal Rescue and Great Plains Foundation and Sofia’s Hope. As a longstanding supporter and active Board member for Boca Helping Hands, she led the delivery of 100 daily meals during the pandemic and co-chaired successful fundraising events like the 2023 Monopoly event. Zoe’s dedication also shines in her commitment to historic preservation, evident in her contributions to the Boca Raton Historical Society and The Schmidt Boca Raton History Museum. Currently serving on the Board of Trustees, Zoe actively engages in fundraising efforts for these organizations.

Zoe’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of unwavering determination. Her legacy of empowerment and community enrichment stands as a testament to the profound impact one individual can have when driven by compassion and a commitment to serve others.