Al Goldberg

Retired, Chef/Owner
Gourmet Adventures Catering

Al Goldberg was raised in Philadelphia, PA, but has lived in South Florida for over 30 years. He received a B.S. in Business from Drexel University, but soon developed a passion for cooking and went on to graduate from the Philadelphia Restaurant School. He lived in Los Angeles after college where he met his wife Joni. They moved to Florida and have shared over 34 years of marriage.

Together they opened Gourmet Adventures Catering, a company that helped make events delicious for over 25 years. Currently retired, Al now spends his time catering to his love of the outdoors through boating and skiing, and his love of music by attending rock concerts.

Although he left Philly years ago, he continues to show his support by being an avid Eagles football fan. A caring father to his children Holly and Jack, he can often be found on his boat “The Holly Jack Attack” in the intracoastal waterways rocking out to music with his dogs along for the ride.

His adventurous personality made him a perfect fit for the Ball Room Dance Battle and he is honored to help represent the cause