2021 Ballroom Battle
Presented by Ed Morse Automotive Group


The Battle Begins Saturday August 14, 2021








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There is sure to be someone you know who will be "Battling the Night Away" on the dance floor! So save the date:
Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 7:00PM
Broadcast on WPTV-TV

We are fast approaching our biggest fundraiser and the "DO NOT MISS" event of the 2021 Season, the 14th annual Ballroom Battle, which is a local spin off of the popular TV show, "Dancing with the Stars". Paired with professional dancers from Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Boca Raton, eight prominent community leaders have accepted our invitation to compete in a ballroom dance Fundraising competition. They will be given a series of dance lessons to perfect a routine, and then compete for the coveted "Mirror Ball" trophy.

What does Ballroom Battle look like in 2021?

We are broadcasting the 14th annual Ballroom Battle on WPTV-TV (NBC Affiliate) on Saturday, August 14, at 7:00PM as well as Live Stream from WPTV website and GSSF's website for out-of-town guests. This is not a virtual event, it is a TV production, it will look just like any other show you see on TV.

The opportunities for our sponsors and supporters are greater than ever with this new platform, this is sure to attract a much larger crowd. WPTV-TV is the #1 station across the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast with a viewership on Saturday evening at 7:00PM at around 23,000 homes and their average views on their web videos are 66,000 views a day.

Why should you become a Sponsor of 2020 Ballroom Battle?

Since Mid-March of 2020 (when the shelter in place mandate was put into place) we have been looking at how we could present Ballroom Battle, bring our community together and help our Snow Scholars. These unprecedented times have been hard on every segment of our society. They are especially hard on our Scholars.

Here are a couple of examples of how our Scholars have been impacted by the Coronavirus:

  • • Deidra lost her work study position at Florida State University. She regularly sends money home to help out her mother and other relatives. As a result of losing her job, she was unable to pay April's rent and was facing eviction.
  • • Daniel was attending Columbia University, when the school notified him that he had to be out of his dorm and off campus within 5 days. He had $12 in his bank account, just lost his job at a catering company, and no one at the school could tell him if there was any financial aid to cover the cost of leaving.
  • • Hailey, a student at Florida Southern College, shared this with us; "All three of my jobs (Tech worker for FSC, freelance tech worker, and Neighborhood Ministries staff) are suspended without pay during this time due to the COVID-19 restrictions. I am attempting to get a job at Publix near me, but they are getting hundreds of applications at this time, so it may be a while before I hear back. I am pulling from my savings account to buy daily needs like groceries and food, so it is draining fairly quickly. I have cancelled any unnecessary/personal wants such as monthly subscriptions like Netflix to help. I have applied for unemployment but haven't heard anything back. Any emergency aid would be extremely helpful!"

Things are difficult right now for everyone but, if you are able, I would ask that you become a Sponsor so we can continue to help young people like Deidra, Daniel, and Hailey achieve their dreams of a college education and navigate these uncertain days ahead. Will you join us as a Sponsor and support the George Snow Scholarship Fund and our Snow Scholars, making this a great 14th year!?!?

Together we can help the leaders of tomorrow, today!!!

With Great Gratitude,
Tim Snow

ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT to order a Program Ad! 💃🕺 Say thank you to those who make Ballroom Battle a success by ordering an ad at: secure.scholarship.org/np/clients/scholarship/eventRegistration.jsp?forwardedFromSecureDomain=1&e..............Facebook: Boca Ballroom BattleInstagram: @georgesnowscholarshipfundTwitter: @snowscholarshipLinkedIn: George Snow Scholarship FundWebsite: www.BallroomBattle.comSnowFamilyNetwork.org...........#BallroomBattle #BallroomBattle2021 #BB #BB2021 #GeorgeSnowScholarshipFund #Fundraiser #BallroomBattleFundraiser #Fundraiser2021 #Scholarship #SnowScholar #EducationisaGameChanger #Disco ... See MoreSee Less
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✨Flashback Friday✨ Oh to be swept off our feet like the Ballroom Battle Dancers of 2018! Thank you Samir Changela, Nancy Dockerty, Matthew H Maschler, Dr. Cristina Mata, Jamie Rosemurgy, Tracy Tilson, Joseph Veccia, and Christopher B. Warren for your awe-inspiring performances!...........Facebook: Boca Ballroom BattleInstagram: @georgesnowscholarshipfundTwitter: @snowscholarshipLinkedIn: George Snow Scholarship FundWebsite: www.BallroomBattle.comSnowFamilyNetwork.org...........#BallroomBattle #ballroombattle2021 #bb #bb2021 #GeorgeSnowScholarshipFund #fundraiser #ballroombattlefundraiser #Fundraiser2021 #scholarship #SnowScholar #EducationIsAGameChanger #DISCO ... See MoreSee Less
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When asked why she supports the George Snow Scholarship Fund, former Ballroom Battle dancer and sponsor, Wendy Sadusky, said, "The GSSF is such an important and incredible organization in our community, and we are proud to be a part of it.The funds they raise each year for the youth attending college, and the support they provide each student, is truly remarkable! It is heartwarming to see these most deserving students get the opportunity to obtain their lifelong dream of attending college.Once a student is awarded a George Snow Scholarship, they are part of the family from that point forward. The commitment that this organization has made to the youth in our community is life changing and awe-inspiring. It always amazes us to see a previous scholar graduate college, then jump right back into the organization that gave them their helping hand. This is why Vince and I are proud supporters of GSSF!"...........#BallroomBattle #BallroomBattle2021 #BB #BB2021 #GeorgeSnowScholarshipFund #Fundraiser #BallroomBattleFundraiser #Fundraiser2021 #Scholarship #SnowScholar #EducationisaGameChanger #Disco ... See MoreSee Less
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Sponsorships are selling quickly, but there's still time to partake in this year's Ballroom Battle! Check out the following link for more details: www.ballroombattle.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/BB_Sponsor-levels_2021_SOLDs.pdf!#BallroomBattle #ballroombattle2021 #bb2021 #GeorgeSnowScholarshipFund #EducationIsAGameChanger #DISCO ... See MoreSee Less
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Call Debi at 561-445-9922 or 561-347-6799

2020 “Elite Eight” Community Dancers


Elmar Benavente

CEO- Be Design Associates, Inc.

Kelly Fleming

Kelly Fleming

Mother & Community Volunteer

Andrea Garcia

Dre Garcia

CEO, EMPOWER Consulting Partners

Dr. Melyssa Hancock

Dr. Melyssa Hancock

Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Ryan Reiter

Ryan Reiter

Director of Government Relations, Kaufman Lynn Construction
Mindy Shiklar

Mindy Shikiar

Former COO, Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Robert Snyder

Robert Snyder

Executive Director, Strategy and Communications, NCCI

Dr. Jeffery Stein

Dr. Jeffrey Stein

MD -Internal Medicine

Dancing with Fred Astaire Professional Dancers of Boca Raton

Sayra Vazquez Brann, James Brann, Richard Council, Denise Lazo

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