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Logan Skees

Logan Skees

Director of Business Development, Trainerspace

Logan Skees is devoted to service, honor, and loyalty. After two successful tours of duty in Afghanistan as a Marine rifleman, he elected to transition from the front lines of combat to the front lines of healthcare, through his work at Trainerspace. “The largest threat against our national integrity is not violent terrorism; it’s cardiovascular disease and diabetes,” Logan says. Now he has traded in his combat boots for dancing shoes to support higher education and empower other veterans in South Florida. Among his other endeavors, Logan invests much of his time at Trainerspace, a revolutionary new fitness destination in Boca Raton, FL, where he works as the Director of Business Development. 

Born in 1992, Logan was born into a close-knit and compassionate family of 6. His parents strived to foster a culture of hard work, big dreams, and relationship-based spirituality. Logan’s father, Theron Skees, worked as a Designer and Imagineer at the Walt Disney Company. This creative family heritage set the stage for a rich and diverse upbringing. International living opportunities provided the Skees family with years of expatriation in Paris and Hong Kong that cultivated an experiential understanding of other cultures. Logan shares how this well-travelled childhood has significantly impacted his life, by saying: “I had a very hands-on style of education, our family would travel to other countries over long weekends and spend time learning about their history, culture, and the current state of affairs for their people. These humbling experiences shaped the bedrock of my personality.”

Upon graduating high school, Logan felt called to earn the title of United States Marine. In 2010 after deploying to Afghanistan as a machine gunner, he learned first-hand about his true strength of character by working as a team member on the ever dangerous and grueling, dismounted foot patrols. These long days were forging what was to become an ironclad mindset for the future tests of his resolve. He claims that all that real-world experience of being a disciplined, initiative-oriented and creative problem solver has now ignited his success as an entrepreneur. These unique experiences catalyzed his interest into mindset design and have now become the primary focus of his personal and professional research. Logan helps facilitate the expansion of a thriving business model and ensures a competitive advantage through tighter team-cohesion and improved collective productivity. 

After an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, Logan once again began traveling the world, working on such diverse projects as sustainable housing in Nigeria, leadership development in Spain, and exploring the emerging fields of consciousness research throughout the US. Logan sought to refine his creative practices and artistic understandings by taking classes at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he studied color theory, design psychology, and public speaking. His relentless pursuit of excellence can be witnessed firsthand by visiting Trainerspace in Boca Raton. 

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