Elias Janetis

Dear Friends,

I am excited to announce that I am dancing in Boca’s Ballroom Battle “BBB”, on August 28th.  BBB is an adaptation of the ABC TV reality show “Dancing with the Stars”  in which 8 people from our community learn to dance a routine and then perform it in front of approximately 1,000 people at the Boca Resort.  The event raises money for The George Snow Scholarship Fund “GSSF”, an organization that helps local disadvantaged students receive a college education. ( )

When I was first asked to dance, I have to say I was more petrified than enthused….See I am not a dancer, not even a little bit. It goes to the extent that I didn’t even dance at my wedding, to give you an idea.  What pushed me over the edge to accept the challenge was the fact that the fund helps so many deserving kids from South Florida.  My wife and I have come to love the GSSF over the last 5 years.  Year after year, we have seen how this young scholars transition from high school through college.  The Fund specifically targets kids who otherwise wouldn’t have the resources to go to college.  This year I served on the organization’s selection committee, and personally reviewed over a 100 applications.

Let me tell you right now, these kids are utterly amazing.  Reading story after story how these students (many first generation to attend college) have overcome family, health or financial setbacks, and yet excelled academically is inspiring! To see these kids perform under such circumstances life has dealt them is very humbling. They have rolled up their sleeves and got down to work.  I can’t think of a more worthy investment than to help kids achieve a better quality education.  This isn’t a handout, these deserving scholars work for it.    

Now, back to me dancing…  I started dancing about a month ago, the first class I felt like the “Tin Man” before got his oil!  I was sweating, stiff and even forgetting to breathe. Surprisingly, I have made great progress, and it’s actually kind of fun!

I am doing my best, and those of you who can make it on the 28th that would be great! As I’m dancing for your support! The price of admission alone is worth seeing me dressed up in a funny outfit parading around the dance floor.

These kids need your help, I need your help!  Would you, please take a moment and consider helping these wonderful kids by clicking on the link below, and supporting me with a donation.  I know if you had the chance to see what I’ve seen, and hear what I’ve heard, you would open up your heart and wallet as well.

Thank you for your time and support!


Elias Janetis

Elias Janetis is the Founder of the disruptive healthcare technology company MobileHelp.  MobileHelp was the first company to successfully change the way seniors could get help. For almost 40 years seniors relied on a help-button that only worked at home. MobileHelp allowed seniors to get help nationwide, increasing the quality of life though peace-of-mind and independence. With its innovative gsm/gps technology, MobileHelp has quickly become the service of choice for hundreds of thousands of seniors.

A natural entrepreneur, Elias was also the Founder and CEO of HomeMed Systems, a provider of safety products to seniors and persons with disabilities. HomeMed serviced contracts with state and county agencies in three states and had over 40 distributors in 10 states. Mr. Janetis was the 2006 SBDC & Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners grand-prize winner of the Big Idea business plan contest for his Alzheimer’s tracking system concept. MobileHelp has been the 2012 and 2014 Frost & Sullivan award winner, 2014 INC.500 award winner, 2014 Grow Florida, growth award and company to watch. He also holds several communication patents.

Elias attended Bucknell University and studied International Relations and East Asian studies. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife and four children.