Denise Ganz

Denise Ganz


Friends and Family–

I am delighted to have been chosen to participate in the charity event of the summer–the 3rd annual Boca’s Ballroom Battle dance competition. Think “Dancing With The Stars”–but it all happens in one night!

Ballroom dancing is new to me, so this is going to be a truly challenging experience.  If you are wondering why I chose to contribute in this way, it is because I believe there is nothing more important than making sure the best and brightest of our kids get the chance to attend college. If  I can assist the George Snow Scholarship Foundation in its great work, I am happy to get out there on the dance floor!

My effort has three parts:


1. The Competition: Over the next months, I will train by taking lessons with a professional dance partner to perfect my ballroom dance routine. I will compete against seven men and women from the community, each of whom will also be teamed with a professional dancer. The competition will be held during a gala event at the Boca Raton Resort and Club on 8/20. One team will take home the coveted “Boca’s Ballroom Battle” trophy!

2. The Fund-Raising Challenge: In addition to competing, I have committed to raise funds.  I am counting on you to make a tax-deductible donation of any amount to support the amazing efforts of the George Snow Scholarship Foundation. You can also contribute by being a sponsor of the event or purchasing tickets to attend. Just click on the “Donate” box above. Be sure to select my name from the drop down menu when making your contribution. Please know that every donation, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated!

3. The Winners: Regardless of who takes the trophy on 8/20, the true winners will be all of the deserving students who realize their college dreams and all of us that help our community’s future stars!

Check back on the webpage each week, as I will be posting videos and photos so you can watch my progress as I get ready for the big day.

I hope I can count on you for your support!

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