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Wendy Sadusky

Wendy Sadusky


Wendy Sadusky is the essence of Boca Raton. As a mother, interior designer, friend, and philanthropist, she embodies the quintessential Boca desire to do good, and look good while doing it.

Education is incredibly important to Wendy. She knows that it has the ability to change a person’s life, and has always strived to make that a real possibility for students, whether by ‘educationally adopting’ children in foreign countries, or supporting international educational mission trips.

Both she and her husband were the first in their families to attend and graduate a 4-year university. In addition to an athletic scholarship for Division 1 gymnastics, Wendy’s blue-collar father helped her attend college at the University of Rhode Island where she graduated with a career in interior design. She knows that financial ability is not always present, and wants to help others achieve their educational goals.

Almost 21 years ago, Wendy decided to put her career aside in order raise her children and support her husband in his demanding career. This gave her time to contribute to the community, much of which was done through every school her children attended.

Whether in Florida or Rhode Island, she volunteered by teaching music, chairing auctions, decorating for school auctions, dances, and fashion shows, designing, building and painting sets for school plays and even directing a school play! (By happenstance, of course). Wendy has made a point to educate her three children on the values of philanthropy.

Heather, her eldest, graduated FSU Honors College Magna Cum Laude and currently works in Denver. Her son Alex attends Penn State and participates in THON every year, raising millions of dollars for childhood cancer through a dance marathon. Her youngest, Olivia, is a high school junior at PJPIIHS and volunteers yearly with TOPS soccer.

With that in mind, Wendy is looking forward to raising money in an action-packed way for deserving students that don’t have the financial ability. She believes education is the stepping-stone to a better life, a better future, a better community and a better world, and looks forward to the challenge.

P.S. Despite being a Division 1 all around college gymnast, Wendy claims she is not as coordinated on the dance floor as she was on the balance beam!