2021 Ballroom Battle
Presented by Ed Morse Automotive Group


The Battle Begins Saturday August 14, 2021








Melissa Darnell

RFX Meridian Achiever, Rodan + Fields

Melissa Darnell was born and raised in New York. She did not make her way to Florida until 2017. Her world revolves around her family. Her husband Evan, daughter Samantha (Sammy) and son Tyler. 

After graduating from the University of Delaware, Melissa had a very successful, 13-year career where she climbed the ladder by working in ad sales for Katz Media, a division of Clear Channel Communications. 

In 2011, Melissa decided to pursue a once, “side gig” with Rodan + Fields. She has since played an instrumental role in not only building, but leading a team of over 8,000 inspired, driven and entrepreneurial women. As a top leader (an RFX Meridian achiever), she finds joy in representing the #1 skincare brand in North America and allowing women all over the world to reach their full potential as business owners and product ambassadors. In 2009, 

Melissa became an advocate for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) after receiving her own diagnosis. Living a full, uninterrupted life, and showing others how to do the same is evident in her participation in BBB. In addition, Melissa uses her voice to stand up for Food Allergy awareness. Inclusion and acceptance are always at the forefront of her mind, as an allergy mom. 

She and her husband, lead a life where giving back to causes that affect the lives of those they love, is an integral part of their every day. 

By day, Melissa can likely be found on the tennis court where she plays for her community team with pride, in the kitchen tasting everything her daughter Sammy learns to bake, or on the baseball field sideline’s where she cheers on her son Tyler, each and every game.  She is competitive by nature and loves watching football and baseball.  

Melissa was once encouraged by a mentor who told her to always focus on ‘Passion and Purpose over Power and Position’. She credits the success of her life changing business to living by the that sage advice. 

Ahh … she can dance!

Dance as if no one is watching ….

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